What To Order In At A Seafood Restaurant In Marathon, FL


Are you planning on visiting a seafood restaurant in Marathon, FL? Do you take the time to browse the restaurant’s menu before ordering, or do you just go to a restaurant and see what is on the menu?

Perhaps you have a specific restaurant that you keep visiting over and over because it is your favorite. Well, it doesn’t matter what your reason is for visiting the restaurant, the main question is what you should order?

We have consulted with a few nutritionists, and have the following suggestions when visiting a seafood restaurant.


A Salad Is A Good Starting Point

When you sit down in a seafood restaurant in Marathon, FL, you will most likely be served a basket of bread. This comes even before you are served with your appetizers. Try to skip the bread and opt for a salad as your appetizer.

In doing this, you will ensure that you do not overeat. The salad will be light, but it will make sure that you can hold off on snacking till your main course arrives.

Fish Is A Summer Food

If it is summer and you visit a restaurant with your friends, consider fish as a healthy meal option. If you can convince your friends to go to a seafood restaurant, it will be an even better choice.

Seafood restaurants are usually located near the sea, allowing you and your friend to enjoy a relaxing evening gazing out on the deep blue.

Not only will you enjoy the great atmosphere, the fresh air, and delicious meal will make the evening perfect. As a bonus, a seafood meal will be light on your waistline as well.


Try The Sushi Station

The sushi station, otherwise known as the raw bar, is one of the most frequented places in a seafood restaurant. Shrimp cocktails, oysters, and clams are very low in calories, a plus point for those watching their weight.

Let’s say that eating seafood is a good nutritional choice. It is also high in Vitamin B, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. You should note that the seafood is healthy, but the way it is prepared could make it a little bit less healthy.

The best advice that any nutritionist can give you is to enjoy everything in moderation. Let’s take, for example, shrimp cocktails; the shrimp is very healthy. But the cocktail sauce, even though it doesn’t have a lot of calories, could have a lot of sugar and salt added to it.

Grilled Over Fried

Fried seafood is delicious, we know. But the grilled option is a lot healthier, so always opt for grilled food over fried food. By frying the food, the calories and fat of the dish significantly increase. Various studies proved that a diet with a high fried food intake increases obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In Conclusion

If you are visiting a seafood restaurant in Marathon, Fl, you have already made the right choice. Get your friends or family together and visit your closest seafood restaurant. You are in for a treat; not only will the food be healthy, but the atmosphere will also be great.