The Cuban Sandwich At Paradise Cuban Restaurant in Marathon, Florida


We are all aware that Cuban food is known mainly for its delicious sandwiches. But have you wondered what makes the Cuban Sandwich at the Paradise Cuban Restaurant in Marathon, Florida, the best?

Perhaps you wonder what the secret ingredients are that let this Cuban Sandwich stand above the rest? Is it maybe the famous “love” ingredient?

In this article, we will share with you the secret to the Paradise Cuban Restaurant’s perfect sandwich! After this guide, you should be able to easily recognize the perfect Cuban Sandwich!

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The Bread

Seeing that we are talking about a sandwich, the bread that you are going to use is a pretty important part of the dish. You need to make sure that you pick the best bread before making your sandwich.

The perfect Cuban Sandwich is usually crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. So you need to look for yeast-risen, enriched dough bread with some lard or fat in it. The lard and the fat give it a delicious taste.

If you are good in the kitchen, try to make your own bread. This could be a cooking adventure on its own.

The Spread

If your bread doesn’t have enough lard in bread, then start by spreading some butter on your bread. After that, the only thing that you need is some mustard.

The mustard gives the bread the pleasant tangly taste that we all know and love. Ensure that you buy quality mustard with a rich flavor; it will significantly enhance your sandwich.

The Meat And Pickles

Next up is the meat, a traditional Cuban Sandwich does not make use of one but two types of pork. The first type of pork is the sweetly cured ham. This will be your first layer of meat on your sandwich.

After this initial ham layer, you have to add your pickles. A perfect Cuban Sandwich will have precisely three thinly sliced pickles on, but if you love pickles, then a few extra wouldn’t hurt.

Now for the second meat portion, the roasted pork. The sweet smell of pork marinated and then roasted in mojo can make anyone’s mouth water. Ensure that both layers are evenly spaced on your bread to ensure that the sandwich doesn’t slip.

The Cheese


After adding the meats and the pickles, you need to add the cheese. It just wouldn’t be a perfect sandwich without some cheese.

This is essential to remember when making the perfect Cuban Sandwich; you need to use Swiss Cheese. It is a non-negotiable ingredient if you want to make the perfect sandwich.

The Press

After adding all the ingredients to your sandwich, it is time to press the sandwich or grill if you like. Try to use a good grill to keep your sandwich crunchy on the outside while melting the cheese on the inside.

With all the perfect ingredients pressed perfectly, you should now be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your perfect Cuban Sandwich.

In Conclusion

By following the above simple guidelines, you can build yourself the perfect Cuban Sandwich. If you give it a try and do not get the perfect sandwich, or you don’t want to try making it by yourself, then give us at Paradise Cuban Restaurant a call. We will quickly make you our specialty Cuban Sandwich.