Types of Quality Seafood in Marathon FL

Quality seafood in Marathon

Did you know you can get all kinds of quality seafood in Marathon FL. Marathon is a haven for professional and recreational fishermen due to the bounty of various seafood delicacies you’ll find across the city.


Quality Seafood in Marathon FL

The following are the various types of quality seafood in Marathon Florida you can choose from:


Grouper is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL. It is a must-have for your table no matter what species of grouper you catch! Locals love grouper, which is frequently served fried in sandwiches, as fried chunks, or blackened on top of a sandwich.

Filets of grouper are commonly served grilled, roasted, or broiled with garlic, butter, olive oil, key lime juice, and parsley! You’ll understand why grouper is so popular once you try it; it has a mild, sweet flavor, eats more like lobster or crab than fish, and has huge flakes.


This is yet another species of fish that will taste delicious no matter what sort you catch! Snapper is a popular fish to catch and serve all around the world, but red snapper appears to be the most popular and desired in Florida, especially if you enjoy your seafood grilled! Snapper is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL.

Quality seafood in Marathon



Mackerel is a staple dish in the Mediterranean diet, but it’s also popular with Florida anglers. Mackerel can be oily and boney, but it’s well worth the effort!

If you catch Spanish mackerel, you can roast, fry, or grill it whole with Mediterranean-inspired herbs, spices, and sauces. Mackerel is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL.


Dolphin fish

This popular menu item in Florida restaurants is also called Mahi Mahi. The fish is usually served in filets that have been grilled, blackened, or baked, with mashed potatoes, rice, and/or vegetables on the side.

The cooked fillets are sometimes served atop salads or in sandwiches! If you capture dolphin fish, you may prepare it in similar methods, and don’t be afraid to marinate or spice rub the flesh because the flavor will not be ruined by the additional seasonings. Dolphin fish is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL.


Snook is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL

This is a popular fish among local recreational fishers, not only because it is enjoyable to catch, but also because it tastes fantastic!

The majority of anglers choose to filet snook and bake, broil, or grill it. You can use a marinade or a rub to season it but go easy on the spice because the flesh of this fish has a delicate texture and flavor. Snook is one of the quality seafood in Marathon Florida. Learn about the best seafood to buy in Marathon Florida.



Flounder is a well-known fish to catch, cook, and eat all across the world, but it can also be found in Florida. Because the flesh of the flounder is very white, soft, sweet, and flaky when cooked, it is recommended to season it lightly and not overcook it. Flounder is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL.

Flounder is best served grilled or sautéed with salt, pepper, butter, or olive oil, and sometimes another spice or herb, with rice, potatoes, and/or salad and vegetables.



If Florida were to designate a state fish, or at least create a list of state fish, grouper would most likely come first, followed by mullet, or mullet first, depending on who you ask.

Mullet can also be grilled and baked whole, with aromatics inserted in the belly cavity and seasoned with a marinade, rub, or salt and pepper. It’s also wonderful grilled, roasted, or broiled in fillets, seasoned with a lemony or moderately flavored marinade or rub.


Pompano is one of the quality seafood in Marathon FL

This is a popular fish on the East Coast as well as elsewhere in the world. However, it appears to hold a special place in the hearts of recreational fishermen and women in the Marathon. Pompano is also rated as one of the quality seafood in Marathon Florida.