Are You Looking For The Best Place To Eat In Marathon?


Are you looking for the best place to eat in Marathon? Well, you are in luck! The Paradise Cuban Restaurant may be just around the corner from you and definitely the best place to eat in town!

We have various great client reviews, fantastic food, and an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

Let us tell you about the Paradise Cuban Restaurant and what it has to offer.


An Authentic Feeling

When you walk into the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you and your family will feel as if you walked into your home. This quaint family restaurant has been built over the years with family in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you pop in for a quick coffee or a family meal; you are always welcomed with a smile. We are 100% focused on making you and your family feel at home.

A Great Menu

Our authenticity as owners shines through, not only in the atmosphere but in the quality of the food. At Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you will not only feel welcome, but you will love the food.

The restaurant serves traditional Cuban food, and we use recipes passed down from generation to generation. The menu is extensive, and you can be assured that you are truly in for a treat.


Additional Advantages That You Can Enjoy

The food and atmosphere are authentic, but what else is there? One of the advantages of the Paradise Cuban Restaurant is that we are only a phone call away, and we offer a pickup service!

You can now phone us on your way home and then pick up your favorite Cuban food to enjoy with your family at home.

Another great feature of this restaurant is that you can buy fresh or frozen seafood from our online store. If you want to prepare your own seafood dishes with the best quality seafood products, you should definitely give us a call.

Client Reviews

Most people will look at the online reviews of a restaurant before deciding to eat there or not. If you scroll through the reviews of the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you will see that numerous clients enjoyed the atmosphere and that the food was yummy!

The customers praised the portion size and the fact that true to the restaurant’s goal, this place is a great family stop where you could taste the freshness of the ingredients!

With friendly staff and great food, our restaurant is well on its way to success, a local gem that you should definitely give a try!

In Conclusion – Truly The Best Place To Eat In Marathon

The Paradise Cuban Restaurant has it all. It is truly the best place to eat in Marathon. With an authentic feel, a great menu, and the ability to order online, this restaurant has it all and the stellar client reviews can attest to these facts.