7 Must Try Cuban Food in Marathon Florida

must try cuban food in marathon fl

Must try Cuban food in Marathon Florida is all about food you shouldn’t miss out on. Certain Cuban dishes are famous for their great taste which makes them a must-try for anyone. If you’re wondering what these must-try Cuban foods in Marathon are, we’ve made a list of this food to give you an idea of what to expect.

Must try Cuban food in Marathon Florida


The following are the must try Cuban foods in Marathon:


Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding Dessert with Milk)


Rice pudding is a popular sweet rice dish among Cubans. Rice, milk, sugar, and cinnamon are the only things needed to prepare this wonderful delicacy.

This dessert is frequently cooked at home, although it is also available in restaurants. It’s usually served in spherical bowls with a dusting of ground cinnamon on top. Here’s how to choose the best Cuban restaurant near me in Marathon.


must try cuban food in marathon fl

Fricasé de Pollo (Chicken Fricassee)


Another delectable dish in which meat is served in a lovely tomato sauce seasoned with herbs is chicken fricassee. The chicken is chopped into pieces and marinated with salt, smashed garlic, onion wheels, chili pepper, bay leaf, and sour orange juice for a few hours.

After browning the chicken pieces in hot butter or oil, add the onions, chile peppers, well-crushed garlic, bay leaf, and orange to the marinade. Add the tomato puree, dry wine, water, salt, and pepper to finish.

Enchilado de Camarones (Shrimp Enchilado)


Shrimp is another adaptable meal that is part of the Cuban culinary legacy. It’s a fantastic ingredient, similar to lobster. The truth is that, while it is not cheap for Cubans, it is very economical for tourists.

Because of the perfume from the seasoning as it cooks, shrimp enchilados are believed to be impossible to disguise. It’s simple to make; all you need is a spice and tomato sauce. Here’s how to find delicious Cuban food near you in Marathon.

Arroz amarillo Con Pollo (Yellow Rice with Chicken)


On the Creole menu, mixed rice dishes are particularly popular. They’re usually served at Sunday family gatherings and other special occasions. This dish is a simplified version of Spanish paella that is simple to prepare in big numbers. Despite its simplicity, though, it has a distinct flavor.

Depending on the cook’s preference, yellow rice with chicken can have a variety of textures. You may eat it either dry and solid or wet and soggy. Arroz with pollo a la chorrera is another name for this last, more liquid variant.

Must Try Cuban Food in Marathon: Ajiaco Cuban


The ajiaco is one of Cuban cuisine’s most iconic dishes, both in terms of flavor and cultural significance. The large range of ingredients used reflects the country’s cultural richness.

A thick soup comprised of vegetables, yucca, ripe banana, potato, pumpkin, pork, stir-fry, and other ingredients makes up this dish. The ajiaco is served very hot and combines several types of meat with a traditional Creole seasoning of garlic, chile, and onion. It’s absolutely unstoppable.

Must Try Cuban Food in Marathon: Carne con Papa


Pork or beef is used in this Cuban dish. Spices, a hearty tomato sauce, and cubed potatoes are added. In certain cases, wine is used, whereas in others, beer is used. It’s served with rice, veggies, and fried or ripe plantains.

The reality is that there is no particular season in which to enjoy this Cuban cuisine, so you can order it at any traditional restaurant.

Must Try Cuban Food in Marathon: Arroz Imperial


Another well-known Cuban recipe for mixed rice is imperial rice. This recipe, like arroz con pollo, uses food coloring or tomato sauce to tint the rice yellow.

Shredded chicken, fried ripe banana, mayonnaise, and bell peppers are among the ingredients in this rice dish. All of the components are prepared separately, then combined to produce a rice cake.