Authentic Cuban Restaurant In Marathon


We believe that authenticity is hard to come by. But you might wonder what it then means to be an authentic Cuban restaurant in Marathon. Or what does it mean to serve authentic food?

It is all good and well to say that we at Paradise Cuban Restaurant believe in authenticity, but what does that mean for our clients and us?

This article will look at our definition of authenticity, and then we will dive a little deeper into how you can determine if a restaurant serves authentic food.


Our Definition Of An Authentic Cuban Restaurant In Marathon

Let’s start with our definition of an authentic Cuban restaurant in Marathon. We believe that authenticity can be felt and tasted.

When you walk into our restaurant, you will fall in love with our delicious food and quaint atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you pop in for a quick cup of coffee or breakfast or lunch. At Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you will immediately feel at home!

We believe in serving traditional Cuban cuisine with recipes passed down by our family. At Paradise Cuban Restaurant, we want to bring family and friends together. All of this is what makes our restaurant authentic.

How To Tell If A Restaurant Serves Authentic Food?

Various restaurants make use of the words authentic food as a marketing proposition. You would hear about an authentic Italian place, but what if they sell anything and everything when you get there? How can they then call themselves authentic, you might ask.

Well, in short, in modern times, cultural lines are blurred because of internationalization. There are various cross-overs between different cultures and different dishes, so determining authenticity becomes nearly impossible.

To make it easier for you, we suggest that you consider the following when determining if the restaurant is selling authentic food.


Look At The Dish, Not The Ingredients

Ingredients are available all over the world in our modern times. You can not expect a restaurant to only import food from their original country…

For that reason, we advise you to look at the dish as a whole rather than the individual ingredients and where they came from.

Ask About The Cook

When you ask about the cook, you will be able to determine the cooks’ history, integrity, honesty, and desire to please the clients.

Another question that you might ask the cook, if you have the opportunity, is where they learned how to prepare the recipe. Did the cook go through the trouble of researching the dish?

For example, in the case of the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, the recipes used by the cook have been handed down from generation to generation, and the desire of the cook is to serve the best Cuban food.

The cook thus took the time to study various recipes and shows the desire to please clients with authentic food. You can be assured that you are in for a treat when you visit our restaurant.

In Conclusion

In an age where authenticity is hard to come by, and fast food is reigning, it is sometimes good to step away from the mainstream and enjoy the hidden gems. That in mind, we’ve got you covered! Come find us at 2603 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL and enjoy delicious, authentic Cuban meal!