The Best Cuban Pizza Near Me


Are you looking for the best “Cuban pizza near me“? Well, we have the answer for you at the Paradise Cuban Restaurant. At our restaurant, you will have the best pizza and the best experience as well.

This article will tell you a bit more about Cuban pizzas and what makes them so special. But we will take it a step further and tell you why you should come and enjoy a pizza at our famous restaurant.


What Is A Cuban Pizza?

The first thing that will indicate that you are eating a Cuban pizza is the dough and the sauce of the pizza. A Cuban pizza usually has a little bit of a thicker base than your standard pizza, and the sauce might taste a bit sweeter. This pizza is usually not very fancy pizza but rather comforting.

As with any other type of pizza, there are various toppings to choose from. These toppings could be anything from ham to lobster to bananas.  This is where another differentiator comes in; the Cuban pizzas usually have their toppings baked into the pizza, it is not added on top of the pizza. The pizza is topped with some Gouda cheese or a combination of Gouda and Mozzarella.

After the pizza is finished, the pizza is usually folded over like a sandwich and eaten that way. But you don’t have to eat your pizza this way. You can request that the restaurant cut your pizza into normal slices. It doesn’t matter which way you choose; the pizza will be delicious either way.


What Makes The Paradise Cuban Restaurant’s Pizza Special?

Our pizza is special because we believe in authentic food and a great atmosphere. The moment you walk into our restaurant, you will know that you are welcome. You and your friends and family can sit down, relax and have a wonderful time.

Other than a great atmosphere we believe in using only the best quality raw products when preparing our food. We believe that you, our clients are special and should be served with the best quality products. So, we have the best atmosphere and the best quality natural products that we use to prepare our food.

The last thing that we are very proud of is our family’s recipes. Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, and we know that they are the best.

So, in short, at the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you are ensured of the best pizza because we have a great atmosphere, we use quality raw products, and we have the best recipes.

Some Of Our Famous Pizzas

Some of our most famous pizzas include:

  • The Family Cuban Pizza
  • The Personal Cuban Pizza
  • The Personally Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
  • The Personally Specialty Shrimp Cuban Pizza
  • The Personal Lobster Pizza

At our restaurant, you have the option to order your own pizza or a family-size pizza. Both of these options are good; it depends on the number of people you bring with you. Remember that you can always take the leftovers with you, so perhaps you should order your own pizza. We promise you it will be worth it!