Delicious Cuban Food Near me in Marathon FL.

Cuban Food Near me in Marathon

Are you on the lookout for delicious “Cuban food near me in Marathon FL”?

Cuban chefs are famous for having lots of secret menus up their sleeves. That means you can get delectable meals beyond the quintessential Cuban sandwich.


What are Cuban sandwiches made of if you’re familiar with Cuban cuisines? They are made of pickles and mustard on soft Cuban bread, swiss cheese, roast pork, and ham.

To make the sandwiches taste delectable than you can imagine, you can use a hot press to squish the sandwich, melt the cheese, and crisp the bread.

If you’d like to try something new, try medianoche (meaning midnight). It has the same filling as the usual sandwiches but smaller and it’s made on sweet egg dough bread just like challah.

Cuban Food Near me in Marathon

Little bites

Do you enjoy eating snacks? You can get delicious bocaditos at a Cuban bakery. Bocaditos are tiny, deviled ham and cream cheese spread sandwiches on soft diner rolls. More so, you can buy Little bites by the dozens making them perfect for groups. This is one of the Cuban food near me in Marathon FL.


If you enjoy fried appetizers, you shouldn’t miss out on Croquetas. They are crispy breaded and fried appetizers crammed with a chicken filling or creamy ham.


The ropa vieja is a spicy Cuban dish of shredded beef prepared in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, and pepper.

The fried cow is also known as the Vaca frita is a close relative of ropa vieja. But the beef is marinated in garlic and lime and then seared until crispy.

Also, if you prefer chicken to beef, the Arroz con pollo can be one of your favorites. The Arroz con pollo is a single-pot meal that pairs seasoned rice with chicken.

Even more, if you love roasted pork, try the Lechon asado – it’s citrus-marinated roasted pork. You can order these meals at the Paradise Cuban Restaurant in Marathon.


If you love starchy sides, you’ll enjoy them in Cuban cuisines. Asides from the typical black beans and rice, you can enjoy a baked drier mixture of both known as Congri.

If you love root vegetables, you should try Yuca. It’s one of the best alternatives to potatoes. Another Cuban food near me in Marathon is tostones.

You can prepare it with green plantain (a fruit that’s like banana but not as sweet). What’s more? the plantains are flattened and then deep-fried to make tostones. Also, if you prefer a sweeter version, you can enjoy maduros – you can make them from riped plantains that are slow-friend until they are carmelized.


If you enjoy sweet tastes, you’ll find a lot to satisfy your taste bud while searching for Cuban food near me in Marathon FL. One of such is the pastelo, a baked puff pastry crammed with sweet-savory fillings like cream cheese and guava.

Also, some of the most delectable Cuban food near me in Marathon contains some milk. If you’ve never tried any, you should consider starting with Tres Leches. It’s a cake immersed in three kinds of milk including heavy cream, evaporated, and condensed milk.


No Cuban food near me in Marathon is ever complete without the right drinks.

Never miss your morning shot with Cuban coffee, rich espresso with the right amount of sugar. If you’d like a shot in a demitasse cup, order a café Cubano or a Cafecito.

If you’d like to enjoy some milk with your drink, order a café con leche. It is served with milk.

For soda enthusiasts, try herb-based Meterva or go for iron beer soda, a fruitier, or  Jupina, a tropical pineapple soda. You can learn more about Cuban cafe restaurants in Marathon.