The Best Cuban Cuisine Near Me In Marathon


If you are looking for the best Cuban cuisine near me in Marathon? Then look no further, because at Paradise Cuban Restaurant we will cater to all your needs.

We offer everything from the most deliciously cooked breakfast all the way through to the best platters. As a bonus, we have some miscellaneous products as well.

In this article, we look at what makes Paradise Cuban Restaurant an excellent experience for all.


We start the article by looking at some of the food options you can enjoy at our restaurant, then we move on to our differentiators to explain why we believe that we are the best in the business.

Delicious Breakfast Options

You can clock in bright and early at Paradise Cuban Restaurant, and you are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and a fresh cup of coffee.

With your cup of coffee, you can choose to have some of the best breakfast meals such as steak and eggs, omelet sandwiches, a Breakfast in Paradise, or perhaps a Tortilla.

If you start your day with quality food and excellent service, it is bound to be a great day.

Cuban Pizzas For All

When you search for “Cuban cuisine near me in Marathon”, you will find some of the best pizza options.

Anything from a Family Cuban pizza to a Personal Lobster or Philly Cheesesteaks pizza is available at our restaurant.

You will be glad to hear you can phone us and order a free pick-up at our location. Our contact number is 305-735-4051, and you are welcome to call us from Monday to Monday from 7 to 10.


Mouthwatering Desserts

Are you a sweet-tooth or dessert fanatic? Well, then you have to try Cuban desserts. Senorita, Empanadas, and Flan are some of the best Cuban desserts that you must try at least once in your life.

Using our family recipe passed down through the generations, we can assure you that our desserts are mouthwatering.

For just one day, forget about your carb counting and enjoy the moment.


Miscellaneous Products

We offer our clients the ability to purchase miscellaneous products like honey, sea salt scrub, maps, and espresso cups.

Our clients can also purchase fresh or frozen seafood from our restaurant.


The Differentiators

All our food is fantastic, and you can check out our menu for more information on selected items. But you might wonder what sets us apart from other Cuban restaurants.

The answer to that question is easy for us. We are a family restaurant that has been around for generations, and we take pride in what our predecessors build.

We believe in providing you with authentic Cuban food in a place where you can immediately feel at home. You can bring your friends and family, and it will feel as if you walked into your own home the moment you enter our restaurant.

The Best Cuban Cuisine Near Me In Marathon

We are proud of the authenticity that we provide our clients while serving our Cuban food. If you are near Marathon, then come pop in to say hello.