The Top Cuban Cuisine In Marathon Fl


The Cuban cuisine in Marathon Fl. can be mouthwatering, so how do you choose the best option for you? The best thing that you can do is to consult the experts. So, as owners of an authentic Cuban restaurant, we took the liberty to come up with a few suggestions.

Cuban Espresso

When you walk into a restaurant, you start by ordering some drinks, so let us begin there. The Cuban Espresso is a unique espresso that is pre-sweetened. The Cuban Espresso is made with one shot of espresso and sweetened with demerara sugar during the brewing process. If you combine the dark coast of the beans mixed with the demerara sugar results in a light-brown foamy cup of coffee.

The beverage is considered a social beverage in Cuba, so invite some friends over with you before enjoying your Cuban Espresso.



If you are not looking for some delicious coffee but would rather opt for a classic cocktail, then the Cuban cuisine in Marathon Fl. will not disappoint. Bacardi originated in Cuban in the 20th century. The drink consists of rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar syrup, and grenadine syrup.

A Barcardi has a lovely sweetness to it, and it is sometimes referred to as the cousin of a Daiquiri. The drink usually contains Bacardi Rum which is shaken and served in a cocktail glass with some garnish. It is a great choice for any night out.


The word Medianoche roughly translates to midnight, which means that this sandwich is often consumed at night. Medianoche is a Cuban sandwich that is filled with pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles. The Medianoche is very similar to the Cubano sandwich; the only difference is the bread that is used.

The Medianoche was first invented in Havana in 1900. It is a delicious sandwich that you should try, perhaps couple it with a Bacardi.

Arroz Con Huevo

If you are looking for the perfect lazy afternoon lunch, then the Arroz con huevos is for you. The dish consists of a bowl of rice that is topped with a fried egg. The dish might seem humble, but all classes enjoy it.

There are different variations to the dish. You can, for example, add some plantains or savory sofrito to give it a different taste if it is highly recommended that you add some grated cheese and chopped parsley over your Arroz con huevo to round off the dish.


Ropa Vieja

The national dish in Cuban is called Ropa vieja. It is a hearty beef stew with tomato sauce, onions, and peppers. The dish is usually served with some yellow rice and a nice cold beer on the side.

The dish originated from Spain and has a very interesting story behind it. Rope Vieja means old clothes, and the legend is that there once was a man that was too poor to buy food. So he shredded his clothes and cooked them.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the top Cuban cuisine in Marathon, Fl. then you don’t have to look far. You can find the best places right under your nose.