Cuban Cafe Restaurant In Marathon – Trivia Time


Visiting a Cuban Cafe Restaurant in Marathon is always fun. But are you curious enough to take the time to learn more about a country or culture before enjoying their cuisine?

You probably only go to the restaurant because you like the taste of the food. Well, let’s share with you some of the most interesting facts about Cuba that could make you stand out at the next trivia night!

Did You Know That Cuba Is The Largest Island In The Caribbean?

Well, now you do! Cuba is about the size of Texas and has roughly 11.5 million people, making it the largest and most populated country in the Caribbean. If you are planning a trip, set aside two weeks to explore this beautiful island.


Cuba Is Not A WiFi Hotspot

If you are visiting a Cuban Cafe Restaurant in Marathon, you might be lucky enough to get a WiFi Hotspot area. But until recently, WiFi hardly existed in Cuba self. If you visit the main cities in Cuba, you might find WiFi options, but you will most likely have to pay for the service, and the reception is usually weak.

Two Currency Systems Seems Confusing

When visiting a Cuban Cafe Restaurant in Marathon, you will pay for your delicious meal in Dollars, but Cuba has two currency systems. Why two, you might ask? Well, the one currency, Cuban Pesos, is only used by the locals. While the other currency, the Cuban Convertible Pesos, is used by tourists. The CUC has a conversion rate of 1:1 with the US Dollar.

Shopping At Supermarkets in Cuba

If you go to your closest family supermarket, then you will find the shelves packed to the roof with various products. That is not the case with supermarkets in Cuba. The government runs the local supermarkets in Cuba, and they rarely have any sort of selection. If you want to buy the best food, you will have to find a local, family-owned market normally run from a farm.


Cuban Cigars Are The Best

Whether it is used to celebrate a newborn or bachelor, Cuban cigars have created a name for themselves. Everyone knows that Cuban cigars are the best in the world. Even non-smokers will agree with this fact.

Hotels Are Limited And Expensive

If you are booking your accommodation in Cuba, you will quickly realize that hotel options are few. And if you are lucky enough to find a hotel, then it is costly. After visiting Cuba for the first time, you will realize that if you opt to stay in a hotel, then you are missing out on a great local experience.

Try to book a private house which is sort of like an Airbnb. These houses are usually licensed by the government and are fully equipped to house travelers. You will have the opportunity to live with a local family, which allows you to experience your hosts’ culture, food, and daily lives.

In Conclusion

If you visit your next Cuban Cafe Restaurant in Marathon for a trivia night, you should be ready to blow your friends away with all your Cuban facts.