Buy Stone Crabs In Marathon – A How To Guide


Are you looking to buy stone crabs in Marathon? Then this guide is the perfect guide for you. We compiled a list of all the frequently asked questions about buying stone crabs into an easy guide.

The guide will answer questions such as how do you pick stone crabs, the cost of stone crabs, and many more. So let us dive.

Is There A Stone Crab Season?

Yes, stone crab season runs from the 15th of October to the 15th of May every year.

How Do You Harvest Stone Crabs?

The first thing to note is that the claws of stone crabs can be harvested because the crab’s claws can grow back again. That being said, you shouldn’t attempt to harvest stone crabs on your own; leave it to the professionals that know how to ensure that the crab will not be permanently injured in the process.

If you want to harvest a stone crab, you first remove the crab from the water. Then you need to measure the length of the claw; it needs to measure about two and a third inches. If the crab compiles with this criteria, you should make sure that you hold both of the crab’s claws and then break the one claw in a smooth motion. After that, the crab can be placed back into the water and, in time, will regrow its claw.

Where Do You Get Stone Crabs?

Stone crabs are located off the coast of Florida. You can visit various fresh seafood markets off the coast, or you can opt to purchase these stone crabs from online stores. Alternatively, you can visit the many restaurants in and around Marathon that offer the stone crabs on their menu.


How Much Does Stone Crabs Sell For?

Stone crabs sell for roughly $24,99 to $64.95 per pound. It will, however, depend on the size of the claws, the quality, and the place that you buy the stone crabs from in Marathon.

The stone crab is considered to be very pricy seafood, and one of the main reasons why these crabs are so expensive is because it is a labor-intensive process to catch them.

Are Stone Crabs Cooked When You Buy Them?

You can buy stone crabs in Marathon fresh and use them on the same day. These crabs will be fully cooked when you buy them. As soon as the fishers bring the crabs to the shore, they will boil them for eight minutes. If the crabs are not cooked, the meat will stick to the shell.


Can You Eat The Body Of A Stone Crab?

The body of the stone crab is boiled to access the meat inside the body. You thus do not eat the body of the crab but the meat. Most people believe that the claw meat of the crab is the sweetest and most tender and is thus preferred.

In Conclusion

Stone crabs are very popular in Florida. If you want to buy stone crabs in Marathon, then make sure that you choose a reputable supplier.