The Secret To Buy Lobster Tails Online In Marathon


The lobster’s tail is arguably the most delicious part of the lobster. That is why so many people want to know what the secret is to buy lobster tails online in Marathon.

Is there a specific place to buy the best lobster tails? What should you look out for when purchasing the lobster tails?

Some might even wonder how to cook these lobster tails like a restaurant does. This article will answer some of these questions, which will make it easier for you to buy your lobster tails online.


Where To Buy Lobster Tails Online In Marathon?

The first thing you need to consider before preparing a lobster meal at home is the cost. Most people opt to buy lobster tails online in Marathon rather than a whole lobster. That is because the lobster tails will be more cost-effective, and it is known as the most delicious part of the lobster.

So, before jumping in and purchasing the first whole lobster that you find online, look for a site that will offer you the option to buy your lobster as an entire lobster or just the tails. The Paradise Cuban Restaurant’s online shop provides you both options. And as a bonus, you can decide if you want to buy your lobster frozen or fresh. This decision will depend on when you plan to prepare your lobster.

Another thing that you should consider before buying your lobster is if the lobster is a warm water lobster or cold water lobster.

What Is The Difference Between Coldwater And Warm Water Lobsters?

Warm water lobsters are usually found in places such as Florida and the Caribbean. The meat on these lobsters is generally softer and doesn’t firm up too much. Warm water lobsters can be identified by the black spots covering their shells. A warm water lobster might have a slight ammonia odor.

Coldwater lobsters, in turn, are considered cleaner lobsters. Because of the cold water, the lobster tends to grow a bit slower, which makes the lobster meat more tender and tastier. Coldwater lobsters are usually more expensive than warm water lobsters.

If you purchase a lobster, you should consider asking the merchant if the lobster is cold water or warm water lobster.

Lobster Cooking Methods And Serving


Lobster tails can be grilled, boiled, steamed, or baked. It all depends on your preference and cooking skills. After deciding how to prepare your lobster, find a recipe online to follow if you don’t have your own family recipe.

Lobsters tails are usually served with a side of butter, corn on the cob, ciabatta bread, and a garden salad. But you can also opt for a side of butter with a baked potato and coleslaw. If you want to try out a personal favorite, then serve your lobster tail with a side of butter, risotto, dinner roll, and steamed veggies.

In Conclusion

When you decide to buy lobster tails online in Marathon, you should do your homework. Choose a trusted online supplier, ask if the lobster is cold or warm water lobsters and determine the price.

With a little bit of research, you can ensure that your lobster meal turns out great.