Looking to Buy Fresh Seafood Online in Marathon, FL?

Buy Fresh Seafood Online in Marathon FL 1

Looking for the best and most convenient place to buy fresh seafood online in Marathon FL?

You can buy fresh seafood online in Marathon FL at the Paradise Cuban Restaurant. And the best part is, you’ll find all sorts of fresh seafood to choose from here, meaning you won’t have to bother about visiting a fish market or go anywhere else to get fresh seafood!

Fresh seafood you can buy online in Marathon FL.

You can buy almost any fresh seafood online in Marathon Florida. We’ve made a quick list here to give you a head start:


Shrimp remains the most widely served seafood in the United States. They are rich in omega-3s, calcium, iodine, and protein. You can use shrimps and related prawns in a variety of dishes.

The best part is that shrimp can be fried, grilled on a barbecue, baked, or boiled. Some well-known shrimp dishes include shrimp creole, gumbo, and prawn cocktail. When you buy fresh seafood online in Marathon FL and shrimp is on your list, you can get very creative and do whatever you like with it.

Buy Fresh Seafood Online in Marathon FL 1

Salmon and Tuna

When you’re looking to buy fresh seafood online in Marathon Florida, you shouldn’t miss out on salmon and tuna. These two are among the favorite seafood across the country. Salmon and tuna are well known for being the key ingredients of salads, sushi, and sandwiches.

While tuna contains a lot more protein, salmon is richer in omega-3 fatty acids which makes it more expensive. You can prepare salmon any way you want including frying, baking, and smoking, etc.

Some of the most common tuna species you can buy online includes Albacore, Yellowfin, Skipjack, and Southern Bluefin. Take a look at the best-frozen fish to buy in Marathon FL.


Scallops are a delectable seafood choice. Their tasty flavor and pleasing texture make them one of the most coveted seafood in Florida. Scallops are easy to prepare once shucked (which is how they are often sold).

You’ll have to be careful not to overcook them though. To cook your scallops to perfection, you’ll need a quick sear in a hot pan. Though scallops are more costly than shrimps, they are worth every penny.

Crab and clams

Crab and clams are two well-known tasty shellfish you shouldn’t miss out on.  Some of the most consumed species of American crabs are Snow, Dungeness, King, and Blue.

Clams are bivalve mollusks with more than 150 species across the world. You should add crab and clams to your list whenever you’re ready to buy fresh seafood online in Marathon FL.

Other well-known fish

Aside from the ones listed above, other seafood you shouldn’t miss out on including Alaska pollock, tilapia, pangasius, cod, and catfish.

Alaska pollock is often used as the core ingredient in products like fish sticks, fish sandwiches, and imitation crabmeat. Catfish are some of the United States’ most successful home-grown seafood products.