Best Place To Buy Frozen Seafood In Marathon – Paradise Cuban Restaurant


Are you looking for the best place to buy frozen seafood in Marathon? Then look no further; we at Paradise Cuban Restaurant are proud to say that we sell the best frozen seafood in the area!

You might wonder how we can make such a claim; well, it is easy when we sell the best homemade Cuban food in the vicinity and when our seafood comes straight from the sea to our facilities.

This article will introduce our vision and how to get your hands on some of our frozen seafood. We will also give you some safety tips for when you purchase frozen seafood. 

The Paradise Cuban Restaurant Vision and Mission

At the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, we serve traditional Cuban recipes handed down by our family throughout generations. Our vision is to bring families and friends together in a place where they will always feel at home.

We are fortunate enough to get our fish delivered straight from the sea to the restaurant. But we know that you might not be this fortunate, and that is why we decide to not only focus on making the best food in the area but also to sell our delicious fresh or frozen seafood.


Contact Details

Before we dive into more details about our seafood selection, let’s talk about our contact details and location.

Our contact details are as follows:

Address: 2603 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL-33050.
Phone number: 305-735-4051.

You can also use the contact form on the website.

Our Current Frozen Seafood Selection

You now know what our vision and mission are and how to get hold of us, so let’s go back to our seafood selection. As mentioned, your location to our restaurant will depend if you need to order fresh or frozen seafood.

We understand that you might prefer fresh seafood, but it is not always possible to buy fresh seafood every day. But don’t stress, remember we pride ourselves in being the best place to buy frozen seafood in Marathon, so let us guide you.

In the next section, we look at our frozen seafood selection, and then we move on to tips that you should consider when buying frozen seafood.

We currently have two frozen seafood options, frozen lobster tails, and frozen yellowtail.

Frozen Lobster Tails

You can buy some of the most delicious frozen lobster tails in our online store for $14.95.


Frozen Yellowtail

We also have the best frozen yellowtail available on your website for $8.99.


Please note that you will need to buy a minimum of 5 lbs per order for both products.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Place To Buy Frozen Seafood In Marathon

Buying frozen seafood is easy when you follow these simple rules:

  • Never buy frozen seafood if the package looks damaged or if the package is open.
  • If you see a package that has any frost or crystals, avoid it. It usually means that the fish was stored for a long time or that the fish was refrozen.
  • If the frozen fish is not hard, then stay far away! Frozen fish should not be able to bend.

In Conclusion

Authenticity is hard to come by, so let us show you what it tastes like when you come and visit the Paradise Cuban Restaurant or order some of our products online.