Best Frozen Fish To Buy In Marathon


Is frozen fish better than fresh fish? Can freshness be frozen? Where can you find the best frozen fish to buy in Marathon? These are trendy questions when it comes to making decisions about buying fish.

We at Paradise Cuban Restaurant decided to share the answers to some of these questions with you in this blog.

Can Freshness Be Frozen?

In most countries, about 70% of the seafood products consumed have been frozen at some point. So, most of you guys had frozen seafood before, even if you thought it was fresh.

But let’s take a step back; if the fish is caught by the fisherman and handled with care and immediately frozen, then we can stop the clock on the freshness of that fish. The fisherman will thus immediately freeze in all the nutritional value and the freshness of the fish.

With the great technology that is available today, fishermen can even freeze the fish on board, on the sea. So to answer your question, there is no downside to buying frozen seafood.


Is There Then An Upside To Buying Frozen Fish?

Your next question might be if there is an upside to buying frozen seafood, seeing that we are saying that there is no downside. Well, the short answer is yes, there is an upside to buying frozen fish for home cooks!

Let’s use an example, you can buy a two-pound bag of frozen salmon at a supermarket for $20, or you can choose to buy the fresh salmon for 20% more. Your first upside is thus that frozen seafood is generally less expensive.

Your second upside is that if you buy a two-pound bag, you can place that bag in the freezer and only take out the amount of fish you need for your specific meal. In that way, you will be able to get better value and will waste less.

A third advantage is that freezing could extend the season for certain fish. So say, for example, that you love salmon, but you can only fish for salmon between April to October; the rest of the year, you will have no access to salmon. You can, however, freeze some of the salmon that you caught during the year and have salmon year-round. It is possible to store most seafood products for up to six months.


Where Can You Find The Best Frozen Fish To Buy In Marathon?

If you are looking for a place to find the best frozen food, then you should first look for a store that sells quality seafood products; most of these places will have a storefront or an online store. For example, at Paradise Cuban Restaurant, we have an online store where you can buy frozen or fresh seafood all year round.

After choosing your supplier, you can look at the quality of the products. Make sure that the packages are not torn. Look for any signs of freezer burn and liquid inside the packages. If you feel unsure about any seafood products, remember that your instincts are normally right.