Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon

Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon 1

Need an authentic Cuban sandwich in Marathon FL? Marathon FL is home to some of the most sought-after authentic Cuban sandwiches. To make it easier for you to choose some of the most delicious Cuban sandwiches, we’ve created a list here to help you get started.


Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon


The following are authentic Cuban sandwiches in Marathon FL:


Pan con timba


The Cuban Pan con timba is an authentic Cuban sandwich in Marathon and it’s a traditional Cuban sandwich. Guava paste should be sandwiched between layers of Swiss cheese and toast to make this dish. A combination of sandwich rolls, guava paste, Swiss cheese, and butter are used to make the sandwich.

The bread is sliced lengthwise, then butter, Swiss cheese, and guava paste slices are layered on top. On top of that, another layer of cheese is added, and the sandwich is closed, buttered again, and placed on a griddle, where it is fried till golden brown on both sides.

Elena Ruz


Elena Ruz is a distinctive Cuban sandwich made of a bun, turkey, fruit jam, and cream cheese. Its popularity stems from the unexpected juxtaposition of sweet and salty flavors blended. In Cuba, the sandwich is traditionally served whole or sliced at merienda (afternoon tea).

The sandwich is thought to have been named after Elena Ruz Valdez-Fauli, a wealthy Havana socialite who used to order this precise combination of ingredients.

Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon 1

Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon: Pan con lechón


The Pan con lechón is a traditional Cuban sandwich that is also quite popular in Miami. Cuban bread, lechón roasted pork, butter, onions, and mojo sauce are used to make this pressed sandwich. The bread is cut lengthwise and buttered on both sides before being topped with roasted pork, mojo sauce, and raw or sautéed yellow onions.

It’s assembled, then pressed, and served on a sandwich press. Before roasting, the meat is frequently marinated in garlic, orange juice, oregano, cumin, and lime juice, and the mojo sauce is made out of garlic, oregano, sour orange juice, salt, and black peppercorns. Pan con lechónis is an authentic Cuban sandwich in Marathon.

Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon: Pan con bistec


The authentic Cuban sandwich pan con bistec is a traditional Cuban sandwich. It’s normally served with toasted Cuban or French bread, sliced beef steak, grilled onions, tomatoes, potato sticks, and lettuce, though there are many variations and the technique differs from place to restaurant.

Mayonnaise and ketchup are popular additions to the sandwich in several places. The steak and onions are frequently marinated in sour orange or lime juice. Flank, top round, or rib-eye steaks, as well as any other section of the beef that can be cut into thick slices, can all be utilized in the sandwich. If you need a restaurant, here’s how to choose the best Cuban restaurant near me in Marathon. Pan con bistec is an authentic Cuban sandwich in Marathon.

Authentic Cuban Sandwich in Marathon: Medianoche


A delectable Cuban sandwich loaded with roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles is known as a Medianoche. The bread is created from a sweet and soft egg batter that resembles Jewish challah. The sandwich’s name means “midnight,” referring to the fact that it is traditionally eaten late at night, usually after a night of dancing in nightclubs.

The only difference between Medianoche and the popular Cubano sandwich is the type of bread used in its creation. Originally, the sandwich was always made in a press, and it is thought that the first medianoche was produced by late-night laborers in Havana around 1900.