A Cuban Pizza At A Cuban Food Restaurant In Marathon, Florida


Have you heard of a Cuban pizza? If you haven’t, you should visit a Cuban food restaurant in Marathon, Florida, to find out what the hype is all about.

Isn’t a Cuban pizza just a normal pizza with beans sprinkled over? Let us find out by looking at the difference between a Cuban pizza and a standard pizza.


What Is The Difference Between A Cuban Pizza And A Standard Pizza?

When we refer to a standard pizza, we talk about the American-Italian pizza, and we are not going to compare the toppings per se. We will look at the pizza base, the dough, the sauce, and the cheese as a comparison.

The first difference between a standard pizza and a Cuban pizza is the dough. The Cuban pizza dough is plumper. This is because the Cuban pizza dough is usually left to rise a longer than a standard pizza dough.

The second thing that makes a Cuban pizza stand out is the sauce. You will probably find it very hard to convince either chef to share their sauce recipe with you. Because the majority of the chefs believe that the sauce is their differentiator, let us not dive too deep into understanding the sauce at this point.

Let’s move on to the cheese, which brings a big difference between a standard pizza and a Cuban pizza. A Cuban pizza makes use of two different types of cheese, Mozzarella, and Gouda where a traditional pizza will usually only make use of mozzarella cheese.

The last difference between a standard pizza and a Cuban pizza is how the pizza is prepared. Standard pizzas are prepared with the base, sauce, cheese, and toppings sprinkled over the pizza. Whereas with Cuban pizza’s the toppings are baked into the pizza. So you don’t have to worry about your toppings falling off your pizza; it will be baked into the layer of cheese.

To sum up, the thick dough, the two layers of cheese, the special sauce, and then baked into ingredients are all why Cuban pizzas are considered such a delightful dish.

Pizzas Available At The Paradise Cuban Food Restaurant In Marathon, Florida


At the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you can choose one of our delicious freshly made pizzas. Let’s look at the options:

  • The Family Cuban Pizza for $16.95. This pizza is perfect for the whole family.
  • The Personal Cuban Pizza for $9.99. If you don’t want to share your pizza, you can always buy your personal pizza.
  • The Personally Philly Cheesesteaks Pizza for $11.99. Even though Cuban pizzas come with two different kinds of cheese, we go a step further to cater for you Philly cheesesteaks fans with this pizza option.
  • The Personally Speciality Shrimp Cuban Pizza for $14.99. For our shrimp fans, this pizza will be a delight.
  • The Personal Lobster Pizza for $14.99. If you love the taste of lobster, then don’t miss out on this pizza; you wouldn’t want to share.

The Take-Away

When you visit a Cuban food restaurant in Marathon, Florida would be a good idea to try their pizza options. If you visit the Paradise Cuban Restaurant, you are guaranteed to find unique, authentic pizzas.